We install tower cranes ranging from hammer head, luffing and derrick cranes. The types of cranes that we had installed in the past are mainly Dahan, Potain, GC Peiner, Zoomlion, Guohong to name a few. The cranes installed will be based strictly on professional engineering designs and will be inspected by the Department of Safety & Health (JKKP) prior to being used with a proper certificate of fitness in the field. Safety operation procedure (SOP) briefing are also provided to all new registered operators to comply with the proper guidelines and regulations. Regular monthly maintenances to all cranes are carried out to assure the good functionality and safety of the tower cranes in use. All tower crane installation, mast assembly and dismantling are carried out according to the method statement in place. We have endeavor to install and dismantle tower cranes at various kinds of location and challenging situation, hence we do believe by choosing the right companion is a crucial element in staying one step ahead of your competitors.